The Great Re-skilling

Leadership Imperatives The predictions of trends for 2021 are in and, no surprise, they tell us that 2020 accelerated the trends that have been growing slowly over the past few years – remote work, a human-centered focus on wellbeing, digitization on steroids, DEI efforts that actually yield diverse and inclusive work environments, and enterprises with…

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Leading Digital Transformations

As technological advances continue to impact all aspects of business at break-neck speed, the phrase “digital transformation” is on the lips of many executives.  Companies are transforming to be more digitally competitive.  Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain are just some of the technologies that are upending the way business is done.  As the customer…

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Setting a New Leader Up for Success

If your organization is experiencing ongoing changes in leadership – whether due to turnover, reorganization, or a merger or acquisition – you are in good company.  Organizations often need some degree of redesign to meet the demands of an ever-changing environment and, as a result, new business units or teams are created with new leaders. …

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Developing Leaders for Tomorrow

Most leadership development programs run by major institutions follow the same, tried and true construct – a mix of classroom training and action-learning projects where “leaders-in-training” can practice new skills and behaviors.  The “educational” aspect is aligned to support the movement of selected leaders into new, more demanding roles – roles where they will further…

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