Green Silk Associates help you to improve business performance. We inspire confidence in leaders, promote collaboration within and between teams, streamline and simplify processes, and generate insightful research and analysis.

Whether responding to challenges or seizing new opportunities within a complex and changing business environment — there are critical issues and questions to address while, at the same time, maintaining operations and managing risk.

It often isn’t clear how to begin and where to concentrate your resources.

From insight to action, our organizational change management experience and thoughtful, pragmatic, and responsive approach will help you focus on the right things and get results.

“As I was considering a name for my business, I thought about my family heritage in the textile industry. Silk is produced through a process that integrates the organic and the mechanical. The result is strong, elegant, and extremely durable. Green evokes forward movement, growth and sustainability. These are the attributes that encompass Green Silk Associates.”

— Deb Seidman, President & Founder, Green Silk Associates