$48 Billion Pharmaceutical Company

The SVP of Worldwide Communications needed to remove layers of management to accelerate the decision making process and cut costs, while also providing the new capabilities required to operate in a rapidly changing and challenging business environment.  Working with the management team, we defined the services that the Worldwide Communications department would deliver to the enterprise and facilitated the implementation of the changes necessary to achieve their goals. This included clarification of roles and responsibilities, cross-team coordination, leadership team development, executive coaching, key stakeholder communications, and action planning.

$49 Billion Financial Services Company

The CEO of the U.S. commercial bank had an aggressive growth agenda. The commercial lending and real estate lending businesses were expanding.  Additional lending officers were hired and significantly larger revenue targets were set. These targets needed to be met within a very low risk tolerance.

With day-to-day interactions between the lending and credit risk management divisions severely strained, the bank’s ability to structure and approve loans was negatively impacted. As a result, the bank was at risk of falling short of its client acquisition and revenue targets.

Using in-depth interviews, focus groups, and facilitated problem-solving sessions, we guided the credit and lending teams toward resolution of their issues. Within a short period of time, together, the teams were able to identify the root causes of their problems and were making progress implementing the specific lending activity that would enable the business to grow.

We enhanced operational efficiency for clients in the pharmaceutical and branded food sectors. These senior management sponsored projects were aimed at transforming large, complex businesses by simplifying cross-functional coordination and taking advantage of efficiencies of scale.

Working alongside client-centered program managers, we helped to identify the root causes of process roadblocks and identified improvements that would clarify and simplify work flow. Our work included:

  • Facilitating working sessions using GE’s “Work Out” methodology
  • Working with internal program management teams to build sustainable capabilities for the design and facilitation of future sessions
  • Conducting facilitator training sessions

$118 Billion Technology Company

The Chief Marketing Officer needed to develop new team capabilities so that he could build and execute digital marketing strategies and programs. Through interviews with subject matter experts, in a range of industries, we identified and documented the competencies that are considered necessary for a world-class digital marketing capability. The competency model, performance indicators and structured interview questions we developed were used to assess and build the skills of the marketing team and to evaluate the potential of job candidates.

$6.3 Billion Services Company

The head of Compensation and Benefits wanted to prepare his successor to assume responsibilities for the department within a two-to-three year time-frame. To better understand the succession candidate’s strengths and development needs, we conducted a qualitative 360° assessment and the Hogan Leadership Series assessment.

By integrating the data from the two assessment methods, we were able to compile a comprehensive portrait of the candidate. This helped the employee and the manager focus on the specific competencies the candidate would need to develop to succeed in the role.

€42.4 Billion Technology Company

Senior management transferred one of their high-potential leaders to takeover an intact product management and marketing team. We significantly cut the transition time for the leader and the team to get to know each other, to clarify goals and priorities, and agree on their operational practices. The leader positively engaged the team so that it could identify and address issues that might have otherwise derailed the team over the long-term.

The leadership team for a division of an international energy company was building the department from the ground up. They wanted to establish a common culture that incorporated the company’s key cultural imperatives and to have a road map for future hiring and business practice decisions. As part of this initiative, they were interested in their own leadership team development—improving the way in which they interacted and worked with one another.

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI™), we helped the leadership group understand each team member’s tendency and preference for processing information and making decisions. The leadership team learned how to leverage the diversity of their team to manage conflict, to make better decisions and to improve overall communications on the team.

A  Managing Director at this leading, global financial services firm launched an enterprise-wide career development and talent mobility effort. This initiative included the creation of an intranet site for employees and managers to access information and tools to facilitate their career discussions and planning.  In addition, in-person, leader-led discussions were used to encourage adoption of career development methods and tools and to support networking. Green Silk consultants conducted research on a variety of career development topics and designed customized tools and workshops in support of this initiative. Topics included – navigating the corporate landscape, managing up, developing and leveraging your personal and professional network, and conducting career development discussions.

The Executive Director of this arts and business not-for-profit organization wanted to extend its leadership development offerings to include a leadership development program for high-potential arts business managers.  Green Silk co-developed and co-facilitated a unique program designed to prepare high-potential managers for the role of Executive Director. Program participants came from a diverse set of organizations, large and small, in all areas of the arts (museums, dance companies, theaters, etc.). In addition to building the self-awareness and business knowledge of the participants, the program established for them a broader network of colleagues with whom to solve problems and share knowledge.

Asset Manager with $157.5 Billion AUM
The Senior Vice President of a boutique asset management firm faced new challenges with the rapid growth of his firm. He was well regarded for his knowledge and commitment and identified as a key talent within the firm, having successfully taken on and built several critical business functions.

As the firm grew and restructured, the executive found himself in a bifurcated role with very different expectations and challenged by the complexities of a matrix reporting relationships – working for two very different managers. The executive needed to determine how to operate more effectively as the firm grew and changed so that he could continue to contribute to the firm from a position of strength.

Through coaching conversations, 360° qualitative feedback, and psychometric assessments, the Green Silk coach helped this executive to gain insight into his situation – including both the organizational context and his own mindset and behaviors. With support from the coach, the executive identified development priorities and specific actions he would take to improve his leadership effectiveness. His confidence restored, both the executive and those working with him reported a significant improvement in his operating style.