Mining Network Gold – LinkedIn and LinkedIn Profinder

Green Silk Associates, LLC facilitates breakthrough thinking and ways of working for leaders and their teams.  We are pragmatic and trusted consultants with operating experience as senior leaders in complex organizations. We understand what it takes to get things done and help our clients get there faster.

We create more effective organizations.  Our expertise includes organization design and change implementation, team coordination, leader development, talent management and performance management.

We are flexible and results-oriented, drawing from a range of approaches and methods to design solutions that fit the specific needs of each client.  Clients value us for our partnership and trust us during times of change and transition.  Whether we are working with clients on innovation and growth or operational improvements to their existing business, we coach as we go so that our clients have the capacity to implement their decisions and sustain the new processes and behaviors they’ve chosen to adopt.

We work with a range of clients large and small across industries as well as governments and non-profits.  By helping our clients to grow and operate more effectively, they, in turn, are happier at work and better able to serve their customers and communities. We also support community/nonprofit organizations with low-fee or pro bono consulting, where possible.

Like most professional services firms, clients work with us because they know us – either because they’ve worked with us in the past or because we’ve been referred to them by a trusted source.  Likewise, when we want to expand our consulting capacity to better serve our clients, we look for associates we know we can trust.  LinkedIn and LinkedIn ProFinder are great ways for us – and potential clients – to the mine the gold in our mutual networks to engage just the right help when we need it.